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ot-sidebarpic_01Media Criticism is one of those courses that definitely has it’s perks. One of those perks is having the opportunity to give feedback to other classmates on their blog posts for a grade.

That’s right! Getting a grade to provide feedback has to be the best homework assignment I’ve gotten all semester.

Anyways, for this particular assignment in Media Criticism, we had the task of explaining what media criticism is in our own words while using the different terms we’ve learned in class and applying them to a media text of our choice.

The first person’s blog I commented on was Shoareged Phillpotts’. This is what I said…


Hey Shoa!

I really enjoyed your blog. It had a nice flow and was very informative. What I enjoyed about the blog discussion was that it is about a show, or series of shows that I actually watch in my free time. It helped me identify the different roles within the shows and apply them to media criticism.

What I learned from your blog post is that Genre Criticism is used to attract the attention of the audiences. I think it is a relevant approach to critique a media text because a lot of people often don’t think about how and who is being targeted and how the media uses different factors such as drama, clothing, and nationalities in order to attract a specific audience. Though the cast for the Love and Hip Hop series is relatively diverse, the viewers for the series vary, but the majority is usually minority women.

You did cover the discussion of race, class, and gender, but I think you could have went further into the race topic. It would have been nice to know your personal views of how these shows affect the different races that are portrayed in the series.

I think it’s important to further discuss race on Love and Hip Hop because the series is leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of a lot of African American viewers because we all do not act like the characters in this series, yet, it is what the media is portraying us to be.

You could find additional information on your topic in an article entitled “Study: Reality TV, Reality Unfair to Blacks” This article talks about how blacks in reality TV are often portrayed as violent, while those who may not be black are looked up to as organized and creative. This information is relevant because it talks about how blacks are stereotyped even in shows that don’t have a majority of minority characters.

I agree with most of the points made in your blog. One thing that I don’t quiet agree with is what you said that the Love and Hip Hop series single handedly defines a race. I think that other shows such as Real Housewives of Atlanta, Black Ink and She’s Got Game also support the stereotypes when It comes to a specific race, not just one individual show.

You can improve your discussion more by going more in-depth about race, class and gender. I think it is important to go more in depth about that because it is a major, unspoken factor in these reality TV shows.


The second person who’s blog I commented on was Kalin Dodson‘s blog. This is what I said…

Hey Kalin!

I really enjoyed reading your blog post.

What I learned from your blog was that what you watch can alter your perception of what life and reality is supposed to be.

It also made sense when you explained how someone who may be unaware or un-knowledgeable about what the real world is really like can watch shows like Love and Hip Hop and think that it’s okay to dress and act like the individuals on the show.

I enjoyed how you used the term “woke” to describe people who have knowledge about the media and want to look deeper into different outlets to analyze them further.

I think it’s a relative approach to critique media text because a lot of people, especially those of different minorities watch shows such as Love and Hip Hop and often think that the people in these shows are the people you should look up to and want to be like, and that’s false.

I think it would have been nice if you talked more about race and how African American people are portrayed in reality shows. It also would have been nice if you gave examples of different reality TV shows that are similar and also talked about the targeted audience in these reality shows such as race, age, and gender and how you can tell who is being targeted.

I think it’s important to include the targeted audience of a source because it helps people understand just how the media is trying to drag people (especially young people) into their traps with the hopes of them losing their selves.

You can find additional information about your topic on an article entitled “How Reality TV is Changing Our Daughters

The article talks about how black women are portrayed in reality TV and how young children are falling for the trap. It also talks about how out of 150 reality TV shows, 30 of those shows are centered on black females. The shows that are centered around black females usually include drug use, nudity and domestic violence.

I do disagree when you said that people who may not be media literate may see a physical altercation on Love and Hip Hop and think that it is okay to physically assault someone. While I do think that the shows promote violence, I do also think that the shows also promote positive things as well such as independence and self-sufficiency.

I really enjoyed your blog. It was extreme easy to read and flowed well. To improve, it would be nice if you added a little more detail to the blog and maybe connected it with more than just one reality TV show to describe what different things go on in the different reality TV shows and how they vary when it comes to the targeted viewers.

The third blog that I commented on belonged to Taylor Villarreal. This is what I said…

Hey Taylor!

I really enjoyed your blog post on media criticism. I liked how you used different media texts like Calvin Klein ad to pick apart what media criticism is. It helped a lot to compare it to things that we see in everyday life.

I also liked how you used The Hills as your media text to criticize. I used to watch The Hills like crazy when I was younger and never really thought about the analytical side of things in the show.

I agree with you when you said that this type of show influences our culture. I remember being in high school and the top discussion in our homeroom classes would be if we saw the latest episode of The Hills.

While watching The Hills at a younger age, I used to think that a life as a 20 year-old would be full of love, hate, and friendships, and it was, but not to the extent that they portrayed it on The Hills.

I also enjoyed how you semiotics to break down Coppertone Tanning lotion and how they portrayed women who have tans in the past compared to women who have tans in today’s society.

If I could change one thing in your blog, I would of dug a little deeper in breaking down the media texts in The Hills instead of doing two different texts. It, at times, became a little confusing.

There is an article called “What Reality TV Teaches Teen Girls”  that talks about how American culture that is portrayed in reality television is not actually reality and I think it would be a good article to include into your blog post.

Overall, I really enjoyed your blog. Though it became a little choppy at times, it was very fun to read.



My experience of using blogs for assignments has been bitter sweet. The plus about using blogs for assignments is that it gives you the opportunity to be more creative about the design and there is more room to have more personality in your words as opposed to having to be formal with words.

As far as providing feedback to my classmates on their blogs, I also think that it is a more positive experience. I personally think that it gives me the opportunity to let classmates know how I rSVPMA-Customer-Feedback-Blog-2-091913eally feel about their blog posts and you also get a deeper sense of their personalities, which is always fun. By providing feedback on their blogs, I think it allows us to help one another. It also allows us to be more open to constructive criticism because it’s not face-to-face criticism and we also have the option to read it if we desire criticism, and if we don’t, there is always the choice to ignore the comment.


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