Consuming Kids – Reaction

17911consumingkids“Consuming Kids” is a mind blowing documentary about how children are targeted against when it comes to media.

I learned so much about the marketing world just by watching this documentary and saw things in a way that I’ve never seen them before.

Consuming KidsWhat really struck me as shocking was when marketers targeted children by putting their favorite characters on boxes of cereal or different products.

Kids don’t know the difference between crackers with scooby doo vs. regular crackers because they think it tastes better simply because it has the character’s picture on it.

“One of the things that gives children some stability is their touchstones.”

Touchstones are constant things in a kid’s lives that they think they’ve figured out and feel comfortable with and learn to love.6610-Muscle-Chest-Spiderman-Costumes-large

Marketers use the attachment to children’s different touchstones in order to make a profit.

What also baffled me was how companies secretly use product placement in movies, video games or TV shows to instill products into kid’s minds without them even knowing it.

“They are exposed to so much advertising that they learn to ignore it.”

But the thing that disturbed me the most about the documentary was when they talked about how companies basically stalk children in grocery stores, department stores, slumber parties, and even in the bathroom just to find out what products children are attracted to.giphy

The G.I.A (Girls Intelligence Agency) is a scam that I think needs to be stopped. The slumber parties that they conduct teach children the wrong things. Children should never be encouraged to turn on their friends in order to obtain information for a company.

“Children are tomorrows adult consumers…build a relationship with them now and you’ve got them when they’re older.”

Marketing is taking advantage of children’s urge to be older, look older, and act older.

The tween is a term created to describe children who are younger than teenagers, but older than being a baby.

Girls are being taught what it takes to be “pretty” and “sexy”. They are also being told that what they buy defines their value.

Barbie Dolls are becoming more and have on less and less clothes.2350853_orig

These children who buy these dolls and mimic what their dolls wear, which is inappropriate for children of such young ages to be wearing.

With children being targeted with so much junk food, they are being taught and encouraged to eat the wrong things.

These leads to childhood obesity, which can lead to further problems as an adult.

Overall, I thought “Consuming Kids” was an outstanding documentary that opened my eyes to a lot of things that I may not of noticed before.

After watching this, I will definitely be more mindful of the different marketing tactics going on around me and when I chose to have children, I will raise them to be more mindful as well.


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